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Tandem Skydiving: Is it Safe?

Skydiving is an extreme sport and skydiving for the first time you’ll naturally feel anxious. Although rare, injuries do sometimes occur but this is almost always due to deviation from the rules and regul...

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What does freefall feel like?

You’ve managed to pluck up the courage to include tandem skydiving in your holiday itinerary for South Africa and wondering what it’s going to feel like while hurtling towards the earth with your trusted tandem instructor. When making the booking...

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Will Smith skydiving experience, a brilliant narrative of how the...

You might have been here before. An outrageous evening and then an outrageous bet… Let us go skydiving tomorrow! And everybody high-fives and toasts with another shooter and then.... your mate wakes you and says, come-on, we are going to be late! S...

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Quick guide for your first tandem skydive

If you are planning on a tandem skydive, you might not be sure what to expect and fee...

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Did you start skydiving because you wanted to try Wing Suit flyin...

There are many skydivers that are starting skydiving with the goal of flying a Wingsuit one day, especially with all the media and YouTube footage available of Wingsuit proximity BASE jumping. In order to progress to that even...

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Club Clash FS 2-Way virtual competition

Show us what you have. Show us what your club has got.

The Club Clash FS 2-Way virtual competition is for everyone, at any club in South Africa and it is all happening on 25 March.

* What is it all about?

It is a one day, 3-r...

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Why Skydive Mossel Bay?

Tandem Skydiving in Mossel Bay South Africa is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Not only will you enjoy all of the thrill and excitement of freefalling on your very first jump, but you’ll also be taking an exhilarating scenic flight over the Mossel Bay area with an eagle's view of the Indian Ocean, Outeniqua mountains and beautiful beaches!

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