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Licensed skydivers, Coaching, Fun jumping, competition training...

Experienced jumpers

Skydive Mossel Bay welcome experienced jumpers to use our coaches and facilities to improve their skills. All disciplines are welcome: wingsuits, freeflying, formation skydiving and progression students.

We have coaches for various disciplines and we encourage you to bring your team and even your own coach should you wish to do so. Our 7 day a week dropzone and great weather will maximize your training time and our twin engine turbine aircraft will whisk you to great altitudes in no time.

Coaching wingsuit

Skydivers who have made 200 jumps within the past 18 months, may receive one-on-one instruction from a wingsuit coach who is confident in the jumper’s ability and has received a waiver to the 500 freefall rule from the NSTO or his appointed representative.

Our coaches will take you through a 5 level initial training course and teach you how to fly a wingsuit. After completing your initial course, you may enrol for the category program where you will be taken through 3 category levels culminating in the category 3 qualification, enabling you to partake in a 4 way wingsuit jump.

Formation skydiving

formation skydiving mossel bay

We teach basic skills and category skills up to Category 3.

There are FS coaches available for team training that can assist with exit principles and competition formation skydiving basics.

If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own team coach and use our 7 day a week facilities for your team training.

Free fly

freefly skydive

We have an experienced resident Freefly coach available 7 days a week as well as visiting coaches that can be booked with prior arrangement with manifest.


canopy swoop

Coaching status to be announced

Fun jumps

fun jump skydive

Bring your friends along and jump our King Air turbine aircraft, operated up to 14,000ft. We don’t charge membership fees (although you have to belong to PASA)

We have limited gear rental if you are not able to travel with your gear.

Beach jumps

beach jumps and landing

C and D licensed skydivers may be accommodated on one of the beautiful beaches near the dropzone. You will need a briefing from one of our instructors and perform at least one accuracy jump at the dropzone before you can jump at the beach. (You are entering the domain of the Great White Shark after all!)

Why Skydive Mossel Bay?

Tandem Skydiving in Mossel Bay South Africa is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Not only will you enjoy all of the thrill and excitement of freefalling on your very first jump, but you’ll also be taking an exhilarating scenic flight over the Mossel Bay area with an eagle's view of the Indian Ocean, Outeniqua mountains and beautiful beaches!

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